Our Story

Lippy's Hot Hats has been THE  place to buy a hat on Duval Street, Key West, FL for over 30 years. - now located in Stuart, FL.

Owner -  Terry Lipsky‚Äč and his faithful sidekicks:

- Gracie the Hot Hats' mascot cockatoo

- Marley - the original "Top Dog" yellow lab welcoming committee of Lippy's Hot Hats  that will never be forgotten..... 4/1/2010 - 1/6/2014

 - Ziggy  - the second in command yellow lab welcoming committee of Lippy's Hot Hats that will also never be forgotten..... 4/1/2010-11/23/2016

- Kymani -  the "Top Dog" legacy - yellow lab welcoming committee of Lippy's Hot Hats  - both in Key West  and now in  Stuart, FL

....have created life long relationships with customers from around the world!

But as they say ...."It's time to write the next chapter in this story...."